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Kisah Vector

1. Hampir 2 bulan lepas, kami dapat tahu ada pihak nak bawa masuk Ehang dari China ke Malaysia. No problem with that. Tapi, plannya nak rebrand it as made-in-Malaysia and apply nak guna government funding. Yang ni problem. I will not agree with duit rakyat di gunakan for this “scam”. When I was consulted, I gave my honest opinion.

2. When Aerodyne was asked whether Aerodyne can do this and do it better.. aku pantang di cabar. We have the technology and the capabilities. And dah berbulan toying with the ideas and ada buat early planning. Sikit2 merangka. What we don’t have is the time and focus for this. Kami sedang sibuk mengembangkan sayap serata dunia. Bulan in saja masuk Indonesia, Russia, India dan Kazakhstan. Bulan ni jugak kami JV dengan syarikat2 gergasi di Jepun, India, UAE dan Saudi. Itu our existing business. Takda kaitan dengan Vector pun. Our existing business is in providing drone-based solutions, driven by AI technology. And are we proud and humbled when we are independently ranked 7th globally in this sector. See attached photo. One of only 2 companies from Asia on global the top 20 list.

3. Kebetulan, awal bulan 3 attended World Economic Forum – Drone Innovator Network kat Tokyo. Major discussion pasal Air Mobility. Satu dunia sedang moving towards adopting Air Mobility. Wah! Bodoh rasa kalau tak take this up. The time is now. “Ehang-gate” is NOT the reason. It’s just a trigger for us to start now. It was already in the back-burner for months. This is a USD500 Billion Industry.

4. And so we did! I put it in high gear. Put dedicated team to start pursuing the idea. Clock starts ticking. Ni awal bulan 3. I forged a firm collaboration dengan a friend kat Jepun yang dah start development dia sendiri dah setahun. Aku cakap, Aerodyne akan develop sendiri my version of it. In no bloody way it will be a rebadge. Tak main la macam tu. Tapi kita boleh collaborate. We share resources and expertise. This way kita boleh save cost. Kita boleh accelerate the process. Even BMW dengan Toyota pun boleh collaborate untuk hasilkan the new Z4 dan Supra. Both agree. On! And it’s a go!

5. That’s how it started. Its an interesting long term business opportunity. And in pursuing this I get to save duit rakyat. Development ni pun duit sendiri! What is wrong in having big dreams and work on it?

6. We humbly started Aerodyne just 4 years ago with initial seed capital of 1 mil (duit sendiri jugak. Tak ada bantuan dari sapa-sapa) and just a couple of people. Now we are 260 people in 24 countries. Not a single cent of help or funding was ever taken from the Malaysian government.

7. When we work with some agencies / ministries, it is out of “national service” and giving back to the country that has given us so much. We worked with MDEC, MED, Martrade, MARA etc for Talent development, developing the eco-system, creating job opportunities etc. No politics! MARA supported our education – me and many of our senior management and aerorangers, local and aboard. MDEC supported our vision and helps in many ways. Martrade ada supported us overseas. MED pun supported to promote us. Takda politik. Semua bantu membantu nak kembangkan syarikat.

8. I am blessed and grateful in having a team of talented, dedicated Aerorangers. (gambar kat bawah – tu pun bukan semua. Bukan senang nak kumpul semua sekali) We are only just beginning and we have a long way to go InsyaAllah.

Am I perturbed? No. I’m just setting the records straight.

We welcome ideas and criticism from anyone. But be civil and constructive. Better still, bagi ilmiah sikit.


(Taken from Kamarul A Muhamed – CEO Aerodyne, Facebook post. Viral for his major achievement in drone technology. )







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