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Now there is another option of treatment if your transmission and engine has issues/ problems.

RM Transmission Treatment

Transmission Treatment ST78-TM15 able to heal most of the problems as per below:

❇️ Tight shifting
❇️ Jerking while shifting the gear
❇️ Heavy transmission and not smooth
❇️ Low internal pressure
❇️Gear delay
❇️ Rought transmission shifting
❇️ Noisy
High curing posibilities ( depends on the seriousness of the symptoms).
RM Engine Treatment
Engine Treatment ST78-TM15 healing most the problems:
❇️ Reduce engine hight temperature
❇️ Reduce noisy sound from engine
❇️ Prolong engine life
❇️ Reduce engine vibration
❇️ Overcome white smoke
Price: RM90 each
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