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Active Ingredient : Polyetheramine (PEA) 100% PETROLEUM Dr.Omboh is formulated from PEA, the most potent cleaning agent. It will cleanse your car Injector as early as one bottle, and for best result use it consecutively for 3 times. You can expect improved performance, Pickup and Fuel Efficacy. read more




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Dr. Omboh is the right solution for your problems. Do you know all vehicle has Fuel Injector? Their main function is to spray liquid fuel inside the cylinder to be burnt to make the car moving.

After the car has been used for so many years, the injector surface will start to develop a carbon stain. It will stick to the surface and this will disturb the fuel injector from releasing the right amount of fuel into the combustion chamber.  This stain will be accumulated and will give the direct effect to the engine efficiency.

Among the negative effect:

  • High usage of fuel.
  • Engine performance will drop.
  • Engine no pick- up.
  • Engine jerking.
  • Hard to climb.
  • Hard to overtake.

We have the simplest and right solution for this problems.

Just use Dr Omboh Injector Cleaner. It will remove all the carbon stain in your Fuel Injector area.

3 bottles per pack.

Use 1 bottle for every full tank. Use continuously until finish the whole 3 bottles to achieve the optimum results.


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