World’s petrol price is now drop below USD30 per barrel. Some prediction it will getting lower until USD10 per barrel. Due to Covid-19 outbreak, the world is in economic crisis. ‘Lockdown’ measures have been implemented everywhere to discourage people to move around as to break the chain of the Covid-19.

Definitely this will give a huge impact to Petronas.

Petronas is a Fortune 500 company. Their top high quality product is well-known in the world especially during the Formula 1 race. Every year Petronas contributed about 20% from Malaysia’s total income.

Let’s support Petronas, our national petroleum company. In this challenging time, it is wiser to buy from those who has helped us, especially who has contributed so much to the nation.

Not only their petrol or diesel, let’s buy other things from Kedai Mesra too.



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